Zenergy Massage - Aromatherapy
Zenergy Massage - Restoring Harmony

About Aromatherapy

The Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks were among the first to appreciate the benefits of essential oils. Scientific Studies in the 1920's confirmed that essential oils may be absorbed by the skin and reach the organs through the body's circulatory system.

Aromatherapy is holistic as it aims to treat the whole person by helping to restore harmony to Mind, Body and Spirit.

After a full consultation, Jenny will carefully select a small number of essential oils to suit your own individual needs. These oils are then blended with a vegetable oil known as a 'carrier' oil before being applied to the skin.

The benefits of Aromatherapy Massage include:

  • Promotes relief from Stress, Anxiety and Tension

  • Invokes feelings of Deep Relaxation

  • Improves Mood

  • Improves sleep

  • Promotes a general sense of health and well-being

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